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Reducing the Amount of Stats in "No Dump Stats"

In my previous post about writing an RPG with no possibility for dump stats, I was thinking of three loose archetypes and their sub-types based on the classic six fantasy stats: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. I've reduced the stat list down to four: Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Willpower.

As to why, it's simple math. I'm reducing my work load by 33%. The concept is still the same- choose and archetype (Mage, Warrior, Wildcard), roll your stats and the highest one determines your class. The new list is thus:


STR: Gladiator
AGI: Monk
INT: Tactician
WIL: Knight


STR: Spellblade (able to wield runic weapons without burning out their bodies)
AGI: Bodyshaper (infuses their body with magic, powerful strikes and shapeshifting)
INT: Wizard
WIL: Summoner


STR: Essence Eater (absorbs powers from fallen enemies)
AGI: Thief
INT: Tinkerer
WIL: Bard

If you read the previous post, you might notice that the third category, Wildcard, used to be Expert. I think the Expert title was a bit too broad. Plus it implied that the Mages and Warriors aren't as good at their thing as the Experts. I got the idea from Whitehack which has players pick out a character that's either Strong, Deft, or Wise. I didn't want to use the exact wording from that game, even though it's a bit more precise than the archetypes I chose. Wildcard is still broad, but I think it allows for enough flexibility with the sub-types I've chosen.

Next post will go more into how the game works and what each sub-type does.