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No Dump Stats

I played two sessions of Worlds Without Numberand ended up with a high Wisdom mage character. This isn't so terrible, but Intelligence seemed to be the better outcome for a wizard.

The game ended shortly and we switched to The Black Hack so my gripes became moot. However, it did get me thinking. I do like WWN's three archetypes: Mage, Warrior, and Expert. The fact you choose one before rolling stats is a bit backwards. What if it wasn't though?

What if your highest stat determines what kind of Mage, Warrior, or Expert you are?

I see a high Intelligence Expert who crafts gadgets and machines to get out of sticky situations. High Charisma mages would be great at summoning spirits or demons and getting them to do favors. The Intelligent Warrior is more of a tactician and battlemaster than a brute force fighter, though they still know their way around a sword.

Naturally I made some notes and came up with a rough list of classes to flesh out:


Strength: Berserker
Dexterity: Duelist
Constitution: Olympian
Intelligence: Tactician
Wisdom: Monk
Charisma: Knight


Strength: Runewielder
Dexterity: ???
Constitution: Sorcerer
Intelligence: Wizard
Wisdom: Shaman
Charisma: Summoner


Strength: Contortionist
Dexterity: Thief
Constitution: Blood Cultist
Intelligence: Tinkerer
Wisdom: Mastermind
Charisma: Bard

I'll be working on this with the no dump stats tag if you want to follow along. Ideally each class has a specific mechanic that can scale with achievements/milestones/levels, and have some sort of bonus to checks for things they'd be obviously good at.