A Precursor to a Coding Bootcamp

Tomorrow I do something I thought I'd never do: go back to school. I'm starting at Origin Code Academy, a coding bootcamp that specializes in full stack web programming.

origin code academy logo which is their name and a pair of angle brackets made to look like a mortarboard hat in various shades of blue.

Who is this blog for?

  • Mostly me, to reinforce concepts I've learned by doing my best to explain them clearly (and maybe toot my own horn).
  • People who are considering starting at Origin or a similar school
  • Entry level programmers who are looking for a solutions I will be writing about in future posts.

This post is just me getting into the swing of writing about my experiences. And as evidenced above, nothing gets me ready more than a list of pertinent items. So I'll outline what I'm packing for my first day of school tomorrow that I think should apply to everyone going to a coding bootcamp:

  • Travel backpack made for transporting laptops safely
  • Macbook Pro w/charger (I can use a VM for the .NET platform we'll learn)
  • USB 3.0 thumb drive (Dropbox can be too slow. Never underestimate the bandwidth of a 64gb thumb drive thrown across the classroom)
  • Moleskin Field Notepad and Post-its (ideas can often be sketched out quicker on paper)
  • Pen and Pencil (Stabilo fine Point 88s and Pentel Mechanicals)
  • USB and Lightning cables
  • Earbuds (get good ones, your ears are worth it)
  • Kinesis Keyboard, Evoluent Mouse (I'll go into ergonomic in a later post- they're super important)